Practice Entreprise SEFED in compulsory education


Fundació Inform has applied as a pilot project, during the school year 2015-2016, the Practice Entreprise concept SEFED in 3rd ESO (secondary compulsory education in Spain) which corresponds to 14-15 years old students. The aim was to reduce early school leaving in one of our schools. The City Council of El Vendrell and the secondary school in the same city INS Mediterrània have been our partners in Spain, together with other international partners belonging to the International Practice Entreprise Network Europen-Pen International. Specifically, partners from Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria and the Coordination Centre for Europen-Pen International based on the city of Essen (Germany).

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The objective of the project was to design the model for Practice Entreprises to be used in compulsory education for 14-16 years old students taking into account that this Practice Entreprise not only should provide CV training but also improving students key skills such as social, technological and business skills.

Fundació Inform also involved GRAI (Reseach group from University of Barcelona on Peer Learning) that has meant an added value for the project. GRAI applied its Reading in Pairs programme within the Practice Entreprise with the aim to improve students English comprenhension. This pilot project was financed partly by the European Union, KA2 Erasmus call.



Currently, Fundació Inform is developing another pilot project, funded by the European Union KA3 Erasmus call, in which the methodology of the Practice Entreprises SEFED is being implemented within the first VET course in Administration and Business Management with the aim to reduce the school dropout that is currently occurring during the first year within the VET training. For further more information:





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