Virtual SEFED 2021


The Spanish Central Office for Practice Entreprise will organize its 1st International Practice Entreprise Virtual Fair - Virtual SEFED next 27th and 28th January 2021. Registration will be opened until 15th January in: In The Virtual SEFED webpage you can have access to: The Fair guide ...

It’s My Turn. The Fair for Professional Skills


Since 2017, the Center d'Etsudis Politècnics de Barcelona has been organizing "It's My Turn", a fair where students demonstrate their skills with the aim of contacting the professional world. This edition, the IMT20 #ResEnsAtura, has taken place online. A website has been created where each student presents himself ...

Return plan


At the Inform Foundation we return to work in person! Gradually and with the appropriate personal protective equipment, we have returned to face-to-face work combined with teleworking to facilitate family life reconciliation. Safety protocols to limit the risks to Covid-19 adopt all health recommendations. Ensuring the ...

Goyobike pedaling in the days of Covid-19


The students of the 2nd course of the Administrative Management VET middle level of the practice entreprise Goyobike has produced a video showing how the practice entreprise has been organized to work remotely the different departments of the practice entreprise SEFED:

Practice entreprise students go on teleworking


Since March 13 all the students of the SEFED Program (practice entreprise project) of the grouped plan of FCC2019 continue with the training of the vocational certificate  Administrative Management Activities, according to the resolution of the Employment Service of Catalonia that allows the continuity of training ...

Show us your practice entreprise SEFED


The winners of the practice entreprise competition have been: 1st prize: Practice entreprise DASPIC - CIFP Juan de Colonia, click here. 2nd prize: Practice entreprise El Gran Bazar - Cooperativa de Enseñanza José Ramon Otero, click here.  3rd prize: Practice entreprise Cargo Prat - El Prat de ...

Recruitment process in a practice entreprise


The practice entreprise called Procamp SAS, from Reus, in collaboration with the Domènech i Montaner Institute in Reus, organized a personnel selection activity taking advantage of the simulation environment. The entire process included several phases. At the beginning of February Procamp published a job offer, which ...

Practice Enterprise project in Palestine


  Fundació Inform has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Hebron in Palestine to start two practice entreprises/simulated companies during this 2019-2020 school year to train university students in international business management. From the Spanish Central Office for practice entreprises, the two simulated companies called ...