International Network of Practice Entreprises Pen Worldwide

Fundació Inform is a founding member since 1994 of the International Practice Entreprise Network Pen Worldwide, the global network for practice entreprises.

Pen Worldwide is a non-for-profit association that administrates the worldwide practice enterprises network. It supports a worldwide network of over 7,500 Practice Enterprises in schools, colleges, universities, vocational training institutions, companies and training centres in over 40 countries around the world, providing a unique approach to business skills training to more than 200,000 trainees each year.

All practice entreprises all over the world can practice international trade within the Pen Worldwide network. They have access to the documentation, improvement and updating of all trade-related processes, including obviously access to the international database, yellow pages, virtual stores and all business services for students to buy and sell as if it were a real market. All practice enterprises Pen Worldwide companies use simulated electronic banking services and the Pen Worldwide credit card to trade internationally as if they were in a real business world.