Fundació Inform reelected as the vicepresident of Europen-Pen International


Last Monday 7th November in Oulu, Finland, Mr. Miquel-Muç Vall, as Fundació Inform CEO, was reelected for the fourth time as vicepresident of the International Practice Entreprise Network Europen-Pen International for 2017. This 47th Members Meeting accepted new members that also use the practice entreprise concept and model to train different target groups, these new members were: KoreaPen (South Korea), HighScope Indonesia Institute (Indonesia) and Kosovo Ministry of Education.

The International Practice Entreprise Network Europen-Pen International consists of more than 25 member countries around the world that use the practice entreprise methodology as a learning method. Europen-Pen International has its Coordination Centre in Essen (Germany) and a Manging Committee chosen by members every year. Presidency of the association for 2017 was won Helvartis (Switzerland), vicepresidency for Fundació Inform (Spain)and rest of MC members are Simulimpresa (Italy), Simu-Center (Denmark) and VEI International (New York Education Department).

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